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Gutter Mesh Details

Mesh Facts

The Gutter Mesh is an Australian custom made and patented, gutter guard protection solution, that suits all roof types.

The UV resistant, is not only aesthetically pleasing, but in its clever design excludes leaves and debris from roofs, gutters, valleys and downpipes. The finished product not only improves functionality, but blends with your roof colour and pitch.

The Adelaide Gutter Mesh System protects your home, reduces maintenance and improves the quality of rainwater collected and stored in water tanks. 

Adelaide Gutter Mesh offers the smartest choice for a gutter protection system.

Steel Gutter Guard Systems

Designed and manufactured in Australia, the all steel non-combustible mesh comes in 2mm, 4mm and 5.4mm apertures. They all meet the Australian Standard for the Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas (AS3959-2009). The 2mm mesh also meets the new Australian Standards Requirements (AS3959-2009/Amdt 2011), for the ember guard protection of iron and tiled roofs.

The all steel mesh is very strong and is the only product in the market including a COLORBOND® steel profile that allows the mesh to lay perfectly flat. This not only improves functionality, but ensures the finished product looks like a seamless addition to your roof. It is also available in most available colours on the COLORBOND® chart. 

Aluminium Gutter Guard Systems 

The Aluminium Gutter Mesh System is a flexible, ready made gutter solution that is suitable for corrugated, tiled and Trimdek®/Monoclad® roof types. The 4mm mesh meets the Australian Standards for the Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas (AS3959-2009). The 2mm mesh alsomeets the new Australian Standards Requirements (AS3959-2009/Amdt 2011), for the ember guard protection of iron and tiled roofs.

The aluminium mesh is flexible, light weight and perfect if your looking for a more economical option, but still wanting superior gutter protection. It is also available in a variety of colours on the Colorbond® chart.

Additional Features

Fireproof - Our aluminium and steel mesh is a non-combustible material that meets all Australian Requirements for the construction of buildings in bushfire prone areas. The 2mm Superfine Mesh also meets the new Australian Standard Requirements (AS3959-2009/Amdt 2011) for the ember guard protection of steel and tiled roofs.

Bird & Vermin Proof - The mesh type and method of installation prevents birds, possums, rats and other vermin from entering the roof.

Safety - The risks associated with balancing on a ladder metres above the ground and walking on your roof are eliminated. No more getting your hands scratched and cut while cleaning your gutters.

Suits All Roof Types - Our mesh is designed for all tiled and metal roof profiles. All the fittings have a quality powder coating, which provides a durable finish and colour that is coded with most of the popular roofing colours.  

Self Cleaning - Small, fine matter that enters the gutter is washed away with the slightest rain.

Low Maintenance - The mesh allows visual inspection of the gutter guard system at all times, without having to remove any of the components. In the unlikely event of silt and sludge build-up, simply hose through the mesh to flush it away.

Longer Lasting Gutters - The gutter guard system allows gutters to dry out quickly. Dry gutters are healthy gutters and will last considerably longer. Healthy and clean gutters results in a better quality of water, stored in your tanks.

Unobtrusive - The components come in most available colours of the Colorbond® range and sit unobtrusively on the roof.

Guarantee - The gutter mesh comes with a 12 year guarantee.


Thanks for the great job you and Alex did. The mesh looks very neat and blends in well with the roofline! I appreciate your thoroughness and professionalism and attention to detail - All the best! Regards, Jenny Laughton

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