Aluminium Gutter Guard

Aluminium mesh is a superior gutter guard, that provides one of the best methods of protection to your property.

1.8mm Aluminium corrugated gutter mesh

Installed to Thousands of Homes in Adelaide

Different mesh sizes for different properties

There are various different factors that determine what mesh you require on your property. 

1.8mm aluminium guard


South Australia’s most preferred mesh! Protection against all leaves and fine debris. Non-combustible mesh that is rated as an ember guard.

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Mesh opening size:

Leaf Protection:
Perfect against fine debris

Pest Durability:


Bushfire compliance:

CSIRO Tested – Flammability Index = 0 

Ember Guard Compliance:

3.5 aluminium mesh


Suitable for trees with large leaves, providing stronger protection. Non-combustible mesh but is not rated as an ember guard.  

More Information

Mesh opening size:

Leaf Protection:
Protection against medium debris and leaves

Pest Durability:


Bushfire compliance:

Compliant to Australian standards for bushfire protection

Ember Guard Compliance:

before and after gutter mesh

Superior Gutter Protection

The aluminium gutter guard is a superior mesh for your property, which enables the best protection against tree debris. A flexible aluminium gutter mesh that forms a secure seal on any roof type, protecting your home from leaves and pests. 

Ember Guard Compliant

Protect your home from flying embers entering your gutters.

Bushfire Compliant

A flammability index of zero that is compliant to AS3959-2009 for BAL 12.5, 19 & 29.

Medium Strength

Provides a level of strength for most properties in various conditions.

Birds & Rodents

Protection against birds and rodents from entering your roof space.

Keeps out fine debris

Blocks fine debris from entering your gutters such as gum nuts and pine needles.

Suits all roof types

The malleable aluminium material enables the mesh to suit the majority of roof types.

Is this the mesh for you?

Features & Benefits

Wide Range of Colours

The aluminium gutter guard comes in a variety of colorbond colours, enabling a match to your home. You won’t even realise you have gutter guard on your home!

tiled gutter mesh installation

gutter mesh colours corrugated roof

Please note: These colours are a guide only, the use of an actual colour sample is required to determine exact colours.

Colourbond® colours are a registered trademark of Bluescope Steel Limited.

tiled gutter mesh colours

Please note: These colours are a guide only, the use of an actual colour sample is required to determine exact colours.

Colourbond® colours are a registered trademark of Bluescope Steel Limited.

Woven Mesh

The aluminium gutter guard provides strength and durability. High-quality aluminium mesh won’t rust or corrode in Australia’s harsh weather conditions.

1.8mm aluminium woven gutter mesh
how gutter mesh works

Ski Slope System

The Adelaide Gutter Mesh system is attached to your roof and gutters.

Debris that lands on your roof, slides down and off your roof.

Water is still enabled to flow into your gutters.

No more blocked gutters & downpipes!

Highly Durable Material

The aluminium gutter guard is of high quality, protected with a certified powder coat. The mesh is secured to your roof with tex-screws (not glued), ensuring a long-lasting attachment. 

1.8 aluminium gutter mesh

Easy Access Inspection Points

Inspection points allow you to easily put a hose through the mesh, to flush out your gutters. 

The inspection points allow for easy access to the gutter. All that is required, is to slide the inspection point door back, exposing an opening in the gutter mesh.

*Inspection points are additional items*

Prevent your gutters from looking like this!

Don’t let your gutters get to this point!

Not only does gutter mesh prevent tree debris from entering your gutters, it also extends the life of your gutters. That’s a lot of money saved in the long term!

Rusted gutters

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