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Are you sick and tired of hearing scratching and chirping from the roof? Don’t wait until bird mites are falling through your ceiling – consider bird proofing your roof.

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Protecting South Australian Homes from
Bird Invasions

Bird Proofing Your Home in Adelaide

Birds may seem harmless at first glance, but they can become a major issue when they decide to make your home their own. Don’t put up with birds keeping you awake during the night and the potential harmful health risks associated with parasite infested birds.

Fortunately,  the best and one of the only ways to completely block birds out of your roof is Gutter Guards. At Adelaide Gutter Mesh we have protected thousands of South Australian homes from birds nesting in roofs and under solar panels.

Birds in the gutters

Factors to Consider with Birds in Your Roof:

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Gutter Guards - A Proactive Bird Proofing Solution

Gutter guards solve multiple issues, including leaf debris and preventing birds and rodents from entering your roof. When you install gutter guards, you are not only preventing birds from entering your roof but reducing your gutter maintenance. 

High strength

Gutter guards also provide a superior protection against birds, possums, rodents and tree debris.

Keeps out fine debris

Blocks thin debris from entering your gutters such as gum nuts and pine needles - 2mm hole size.

Bushfire compliant

CSIRO certified - A flammability index of '0'.

Suits most roof types

The gutter guards are specifically purpose cut to fit most roof types.

Peace of Mind

Know you have taken tangible measures to protect your home from bird mites infestation and can now enjoy an uninterrupted sleep from birds.

Simplified Maintenance

Gutter guards allow debris to be cleared from gutters easily and in a timely fashion.

Bird Removal Won't Help Initially

Removing nests from ceilings may offer a temporary reprieve, but it doesn’t address the root of the issue: the birds’ entry point into your roof. Once birds have discovered a way into your ceiling space, they tend to return, drawn by the shelter and safety it provides. That’s why at Adelaide Gutter Mesh, we advocate for a more lasting solution.

By installing premium Gutter Guards, we effectively seal off the access points, ensuring birds cannot invade your roof. Serving through Adelaide and the rest of South Australia, we’re committed to delivering a durable bird-proofing strategy that maintains the integrity of your home. 

Gutter guard bird proofing

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If you’re experiencing bird problems in South Australia, it is essential to act quickly before more damage is done. In our 20 years of bird proofing, we have found birds remember where they have nested, so they will return each season.

Our experts will work with you to provide the most suitable solution to ensure your property is free from birds. Give us a call to receive a free quote and to find out more about our bird proofing services. 

Have Solar Panels?

Dirty Solar Panel Bird Poo

Birds Love Solar Panels

Solar panels provide a sheltered environment, making them an attractive nesting spot for birds, particularly pigeons. Unfortunately, this can lead to unsightly accumulations of droppings and disruptive noise on your rooftop. 

The presence of birds can lead to droppings on the panels themselves, which can significantly decrease their efficiency and the amount of energy they produce.

Putting up with birds nesting under solar panels means you’re essentially throwing money away… 

Solar Panel Bird Proofing

Block birds from nesting under your solar panels, and take back the power… 

At Adelaide Gutter Mesh we will clean your solar panels (increasing their efficiency), under the roof and ensure no birds can call your solar panels their home. 

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Solar Panel bird proofing mesh

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